Who We Are

We exist to enable young people living tough lives to achieve a fulfilling livelihood – a career that they can be proud of.

Our Approach

We unite the innovation and talent of the tech world, and the knowledge and passion of the non-profit world. Working alongside tech companies we discover and nurture ideas that shake up the way things are done.

Our Programmes

Launch Pad

Launchpad provides a package of support to enable social start-ups shaking things up to survive their difficult early days, and blast off!

The Launchpad package of support includes, Funding, Expertise, and Connections.

This enables start-ups to:

  • Test, iterate and prove their new idea.
  • Build their capability so they can support and scale their idea.


Studio creatively uses technology to solve big challenges faced by organisations supporting young people.

Where We Work

Our work in the UK focuses on our home city of London. We focus on three countries where we can make the most impact; Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

What’s New

We’re putting our own little stamp on the world. We’re keen to help other organisations do the same. Here are three things that make us a bit different:

  1. Our risk taking.
    We’re willing to take risks on new organisations and untested projects.
  2. Our heritage.
    We’re uniquely placed in the intersection between social start-ups, funders and tech companies.
  3. Our approach.
    We like to get involved beyond just writing a cheque and help our partners’ in all sorts of ways.

Our Focus

We believe that, given the chance, young people from all backgrounds have the potential to achieve something special in their lives. We focus on five main ways to help them do so:

  1. Engagement.
    We engage young people in positive activities to get them on the right path to improving their life chances.
  2. Positive thinking.
    We help young people to develop positive traits that will enable them to flourish in life. We focus on three things that we think will make a big difference – purpose, confidence and grit.
  3. Learning.
    We equip young people with knowledge and skills through formal and informal education.
  4. Employability.
    We prepare young people for the world of work by developing their soft skills, providing work experience and helping them to market themselves.
  5. Work.
    We create employment and business opportunities to enable young people to shine.