Our Supporters

We work alongside talented and generous tech companies to transform young lives. They make our work possible. They’re our source of funding and expertise for the social start-ups that we support.

Our supporters are a diverse range of companies. Though rooted in the online world, there’s an eclectic mix of characters with different skills to share.

Join Our Movement

We bring together the tech and non-profit worlds by running foundations for tech companies. The tech world has an awful lot to offer, like it’s knack for coming up with disruptive ideas and boldness to go for it despite the risk that it could all go wrong.

Tech companies also have much to gain. A well-run foundation transforms people’s experience at work; improving company culture, offering opportunities to develop and building a stronger team. People want to join and stay.

However, it’s tough to set up a foundation. And that’s where we come in. We take out the hassle of setting up a company foundation.

How It Works

We create a tailored programme for each company. People get involved in three main ways to help us launch social start-ups:


Our supporters give a donation to our work, with 100% going to the start-ups we support. So people’s hard work generate both profits and positive change for young people.