About The Foundation

We are the intersection between social start ups, funders and tech companies.

  1. We’re hands-on We’re passionate about helping you to achieve great things. And we think we’ve got much to offer. We like you to let us know if there are things we can do to help. Even if we can’t help, chances are we know someone who can.
  2. We won’t tell you how to run your organisation. Although we’re hands on we don’t try and manage you. You’re best placed to know the most effective solutions and what support you need from us. We’ll simply help you to work this out.
  3. We’re flexible We understand that, as a social start-up, you’re operating in an unpredictable world. So, we won’t ask you to tell us precisely what you’re planning to do and hold you to it. That path might not be the right one for you to go down. We’d be much happier for you to change your plans if it means getting closer to your vision.
  4. We like smart failure We think failure is inevitable, particularly if we’re pushing ourselves and testing new things. And that’s exactly what we want you to do. However, we expect your approach to testing things to be smart – to be based on well thought through assumptions and to use as little of your time and money as possible to avoid waste.
  5. We like openness We’d bet our rent for a year that some things won’t go according to plan. We like to understand the real status so we can help you get it back on track. That way, we can both learn from what does and doesn’t work and help keep each other’s chins up.


We try and keep things simple but there are a few things we appreciate, to help us to understand the impact of our investment, to learn and to communicate our work. These are:

  1. Meetings each quarter to evaluate progress, identify improvements and explore ways in which we can help you achieve your vision.
  2. A report at the end of our partnership. We provide a template for guidance.
  3. Communication materials. We love stories, photographs or even video content throughout the partnership.
  4. Joining our other partners at the start, middle and end or our partnership to share learning, make connections and have a drink or two.
  5. Meeting your staff and the young people you work with so we can better understand your work.